If only your wings did not grow so quick, you would have still been with us and the most beautiful young lady you would have been…

Your little footprints remain in her womb, while your fingerprints remain in our hearts!

Dedicated to….

My Darling Niece Belle

Forever in our hearts…

In loving memory of our precious Belle !

This site and our work is dedicated to my beautiful niece Belle – the first born daughter, granddaughter and niece in our entire family.

Born and choose to be with our Lord on Good Friday-

April 5th, 1996.

The saddest day in our lives. A day we will never forget- the cries of her heart torn apart of a young Mother- my ever loving beautiful sister- a very courageous young lady she was, she is and will always be.

RIP our precious darling Belle.

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— We support

We support families that are in need of our services and walk along side them as they go through the most difficult time.


— We Build Networks

We build networks with families and our volunteers by organising groups and meetups.


— We Strengthen

We strengthen our ties with our members, volunteers and sponsors who are our main support.


— We Educate

We educate and supporting young Mums-to-be in pregnancy care and birth.


— We Provide Care

Providing support and care to families in grief after the loss of their loved ones.


— We Consult

We consult with families to find out if there is any particular traditional work that they would like to embed in each gown.


Ann has been a sponsor and volunteer over the past 12+ months

Our sponsors and volunteers mean the world to us. They are the reason we are able to do more and support more.

ArtsyMonk is our main sponsor and volunteer rendering the best services ever

Artsymonk has been sponsor and volunteer providing us their best service. They have been absolutely magical with designing our logos and supporting in every other way possible.

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