Our little Darling was born with wings…

You were born silent perfect and beautiful,

Still loved, missed and remembered every single day!

Dedicated to….

My Darling Niece Belle

Born so perfect, yet the beating of your heart was silent,

The breath of life from rosebud lips not felt.

Your silken lashes did not flutter,

Unopened eyes never held our gaze.

The grasp of your little fingers still and without strength,

Your arms never reached for us, nor feet carried you to our embrace.

And have never heard the music of your voice,

Or known the sweet fragrance of your skin.

When you did not breathe your first breath

How we wished we could breathe our own life’s breath in you.

Bequeath you minutes, days, and years; we would.

But we are not the author or deliverer of life

We could not solve the mystery of spirit and of soul

Or remove the shroud of forever sleep that held you so still

Sweet Belle whose life has only ever lived within our dreams

We speak your name upon the wind, and it is carried far away

But you our precious,

remain imprinted in our hearts Forever and will always be.

Credit: Tracia Richards

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Who we are

About Us

Belle Angel Gowns is a voluntary service set up to help bereaved parents & family members at the unimaginable time of the passing of a baby. Belle Angel Gowns is a division of Holy Trinity Foundation, an Australian based charity foundation registered in New South Wales.

We are here to help and support parents and families that have been affected by the loss of their little darlings to Stillbirth, Neonatal Death or Medical Termination.

The loss of a precious little darling no matter how early or late in gestation can be a devastating time for any parent and family member.

We at Belle Angel Gowns, volunteer our service to the families in these saddest times. We hope with our small contribution we can bring comfort to families at this heartbreaking time.

Belle Angel Gowns is an independent service that was started

by a myself Lynda ( a dressmaker) , while working around my family and small business. Every investment in the making of each Angel Gown has been self-funded by my small business – Lyndaz. Dressmaking

Tucked away in a little corner of my home is where Belle Angel Gowns had started. After all these years, with the support and encouragement of my lovely family, friends, and customers; we are now taking this service online for the very first time.

Belle Angel Gowns is a now a little family run service, with the stepping in of my husband taking over the purchasing, deliveries and other jobs, my teenage son helping out with the cutting and sewing and younger

children helping out in the packing, sorting and tidying.I now have a lovely little team and so glad my family enjoy and love what I started.

Together, we transform our fabrics into

beautiful Angel Gowns for precious little rainbow babies.

Since my beautiful dressmaking customers got to know about my

service, they added to the energy of Belle Angel Gowns, in keeping up with this service by donating their remnant fabrics, wedding / bridesmaids / prom / christening dresses which we transform into beautiful gown sets fit for little angels. We also provide angel wraps and blankets if needed. Although we are currently doing them as individual items, we are trying our best to make these into complete packages and hoping to have these started in the next couple of months.

We are currently working on getting our packs to stock them hospitals, and funeral homes for individuals who require these gowns.

We are a fairly independent family owned and operated service and not associated with any other Angel Gowns organisation other than our very

own “Holy Trinity Foundation” – our charity organisation. Our funds

mainly come from our very own income. A percentage of our sales from our

business and jobs is what funded our work along with the generous contributions of the remnant fabrics donated by my dressmaking customers.

Our Mission

To be recognised as a resourceful provider of bereavement support for families who have lost a baby to Stillbirth, Neonatal loss or Medical Termination within Australia while gradually spreading our wings overseas with the help of our volunteers.

Our Vision

Our vision at Belle Angel Gowns is to support families grieving after the devastation loss of their precious little darling through subsequent pregnancy and parenting. We aim to break the taboo associated with baby loss and support as a family during this time of grief.

A baby born after a loss is known as a Rainbow baby.

Our Goals

To promote and protect the psychological, emotional and physical health and well-being of parents, their families and friends when a baby passes in the uterus, or at birth or soon after birth, by…

a) Supporting and providing information to bereaved parents, their families and friends.

b) Provision of Community Services fostering an open, supportive and inclusive culture

c) Excellence in Standards & Quality

d) Evidence of Impact and Making a Difference

Our Values

Benevolence – All our work characterize benevolence and belonging.  We journey along side this crucial period with families by rendering our support.

Empathy & Ethics – We strive to work with empathy and meet the highest ethical standards.

Love – Each of our Angel gown made with love, compassion, and prayers.

Longevity – We strive on keeping longevity in our products by making a keepsake for families from the same fabrics used to make each Angel Gown.

Excellence – Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors

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